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The photo features of the new iPod video

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One of the newest and most popular digital devices on the market today is, strayed any doubt, the new video iPod. The small device has improved significantly since the last model` s launching and the main evolution is represented by the capacity of playing videos.

Still, the new iPod video is not all about watching movies or rhythm video clips, as sensible has various improvements in that the last model, different accessories and improved capacities. As the producing company Apple claims, regarding the evolution of the product: Witness the evolution of the revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then pod casts. Now iPod plays video. Importing and saving photos was an crucial characteristic of the last models of iPod and indubitable still is, even with the new video feature.

IPod video, just like the previous generations of iPods, can import photos in digital format from either a camera or a card reader. One of the best options for these is the Apple Camera Connector, which works shelter both a camera and a USB card reader. Still, the usage of the Apple Camera Connector or Belkin Media Reader ( for the other generations of iPods, excluding the iPod video, which is not compatible eclipse Belkin ) might cause the intense usage of the league of the iPod, as well. With the USB 1. 1 camera, the battery remains half charged after the procedure. While transferring the pictures with the UBB 1. camera, the iPod shows the thumbnails of the imported images. At the end of the transport, the images can be browsed, but they can not be displayed on TV.

The new iPod video provides some options considering the photo album, due to the high quality of the images and pictures.

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These can be rated or they can system slideshows and a major plus this fact that the new iPod video provides full - size thumbnails of photos.

Another characteristic of the 5th generation of iPods which is connected keep from the photo feature is the large color screen that this version of the iPod provides. The screen is the largest - yet display which was created since the appearance of these items on the market. Even more, the screen shows sharp texts and optimized brightness; so long titles can be read easily. Due to this truth, the photos are immense and sharp, as wholesome. Even though the company Apple advertises the new battery life ( which became 20 hours from 16 hours of the rest model of iPods ), the battery runs down quickly if the backlight is on. Still, the backlight is not necessary in most situations, being the text is readable and the images own a gratifying visibility in sunlight or in intensified indoor glowing.

The photo importing and saving feature of the new iPod video has significantly changed in comparison with the last model of these devices, which lead to a better response from the accessible and a more optimized device. With the new range of importing and saving pictures, the video iPod presents improvements in this domain, together with the obvious improvements in the video processing. The Apple company symbolizes the command of the new iPod video, mentioning that the new device can store up to 15 000 songs, 25 000 photos and up to 150 hours of video.

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