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Expectations about the new iPod video

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.

The new iPod video seems to have been met with great expectations and hopes. The audiophiles were waiting for a more select sound, those concerned with photos for a bigger mind, the video fans were expecting longer life battery. And the key word whereas entire these expectation is quality.

Some of the groups of customers with different expectations got what they wanted, others are disappointed and own other expectations from the future editions of iPods. In several ways the customers were surprised by the new iPod video as many improvements were made as compared with previous editions. The previous generations of iPods had some disadvantages and maybe due to the customers’ expectations those aspects were improved.

The first aspect that was changed is the screen and its dimension. Then the standard of the screen, its clarity and the number of the colors are impressive. The dimensions of the screen are big enough for watching the favorite video, the favorite photos or pictures so that the time would pass easily. Another important aspect that should be taken into account while speaking about the improvements of the iPods concerns the quality of the screen and image as the usual obstacles of sunny, burning indoor or outdoor does not represent a problem anymore. The fact that the memory of the new iPod video is so generous seems to be a lagniappe to the quality of the pictures. There are also some features that permit creating slideshows, fact that is very useful.

The long life of the battery of the new iPod video is impressive so that the 30 GB has 14 - 15 hours of music listening. The 60 GB has almost 20 hours of melody audition. Unfortunately, this great news has another aspect that concerns the life of the company in case of video playing. The battery oomph while video playing is only 2 hours so that extensive movies or other longer shows are not possible to be watched because of this impediment. Some customers suggest that the life battery would be longer taking into account its huge memory and probably these complaints will correspond to into into bill while creating new generations of iPods.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Another aspect that was expected and received with great joy is the sizable memory. In this way, other customers prefer the new iPod video only because of this very aspect. It gives the possibility of having all digital photos on the new iPod, classifying them in a photo album. The memory of the new iPod video 30 GB and 60 GB hold up to 15, 000 songs and 25, 000 photos. The possibility of holding vivid color album art is another advantage and great news for lovers of the art. The customers have also the possibility of viewing and reviewing up to 150 hours of digital video.

The new features may satisfy almost all requirements and may right nearly all expectations. Digital entertainment, the superior quality of the sound, the best technology in MP3 domain, great battery life and husky memory are only few features that are worth being mentioned.

The disappointments regarding the new iPod video may be the emanation of high expectations that belong to different categories of people with different preoccupations. This aspect may contribute to a great development of handheld video devices and may bring idiosyncrasy on the market. The edition of a new iPod video and the disappointments regarding the video features may personify the image of new needs and requirements on the bazaar of iPods.

Even in the case of violently crowded disappointments or disagreements with some features and the quality of some aspect are normal, these may contribute to the development of future generations of iPods. In this way, all expectations may be fulfilled and other wishes and requirements may flourish.

All these improvements and new features are a great prosperity and a new step in developing new video devices with the possibility of watching TV shows and TV series of great success. The new iPod video meets the expectations of the customers and especially the busy lifestyle, accommodating the crazy rhythm of the modern sparkle.

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Critics on the new iPod video

Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with ? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about .

The new iPod video has a wide range of new qualities and among these, the most important is, without any doubt, the video aspect. Due to the fact that the market already had a small and portable device which conclusively played games, but also played videos, the new iPod video was released with some suspicions of the critics. The video iPod is hardly the first portable video player on the market, as the device belonging to Sony claims to be the number 1 portable video player in the world, but it is principally used to play video games. Uniform so, the sales of this new product turned out to be surprisingly high, a fact which was noticeable shortly coming the first semester.

The main concern regarding the product was the fact that due to the small veil, the people willing to watch a serious movie on it would be limited. In fact, studies show that most people prefer to feel the actual movie, while watching it in front of a big blot out, relating the one in the movie theatres. Even more, the new cell phone with a video feature which was so famous in Asia was used for watching movies only thanks to a few minutes, considering the fact that it had a small screen which couldn’t allow proceeds all the quality details of the movie. The critics even mentioned the fact that, while being on a bus, in a cab or waiting in line at some office, the video iPod with its tiny screen intelligence steward a good solution, after all. This is due to the fact that this activity is considered a great snack or a great crack.

Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about ? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Based on this, the analysts mentioned that if Apple necessitous to really investigate the market, they should opt for an iPod with a bigger screen, so that customers would be eager to watch even the long movies on this device.

Another aspect which was highly debated was the fact that the battery life of this new device lasts less than expected. While the play station portable has a battery which lasts up to 8 hours while watching a movie, the iPod video only provides 2 hours of battery life, which is a big disturbance, when trying to watch a full length movie on this small digital device. Another thing that the critics attacked was the fact that the iPod takes too long time to download various movies. If as the play station portable, this task is applicable in less than 3 hours, while the QuickTime 7 Pro took almost 12 hours to encode the video in an iPod - friendly format.

The sales of the new iPod video show the fact that the clear accepts and wants this new product with a lot of interest, due to the fact that it can play music, store pictures and play movies at the same time, a fact which makes it a multifunctional can-opener. Even if the new item acknowledged many criticism, the shirt - earn - size new video iPod, seems to be one of the most preferred objects of the teens of today, as they use it to store and listen to thousands of music and other audio files downloaded straight from the Internet or from DVD’s, cameras and from the computer files.

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Pros and cons on the new iPod video

When you're learning about something new, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points.

On the 12th of April 2005, the company Apple announced the upcoming iPod video. The product was about to reveal a new feature of the device, meaning the capacity of playing videos.

As any new item that appears on the market, the iPod video managed to get fans and critics, at the same space. Well-suited to the fact that it is a new and innovative item which brought something different to the concept of iPod, the new iPod video started many debates regarding its practical usage, accessories, qualities and all types of technical, visual and aesthetical features.

The reviews so far make plain that the quality of the image of the new iPod is very good and even the texts are highly visible. Still, the usage of the new device is more confusing. While some critics say that it revolutions the concept of iPod, which till now, it just meant hearing and not watching, as well, others sustain that the item is not that practical. Germane to the fact that watching movies is a relaxant bustle which requires a plush spell and a certain value of time, the iPod seems to promote the idea of watching movies on the run, while walking or doing some other activity. Even more, some people prefer to live the movie, with a wide tuck away in front of them, in the movie theatre or in their home. So, the idea of the iPod basically limits to watching music video clips or short episodes of comedy series. Even more, the clot of the new model of iPod dies after 2 hours of playing, which, in case of many movies, is not enough time to term. Still, while waiting at a line in the city or while sitting in the cab during a outstretched ride, the iPod definitely provides the best way to spend the time.

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On the other hand, the new iPod is not all about playing movies or videos. Even thought the battery works perfectly for just 2 hours when playing a movie constantly, the estimated battery life is 20 hours ( when listening to harmonization ), in comparison with the 16 hours that the keep up model of iPods offered, which is a big plus. Even more, the new iPod video has the largest color screen since the appearance of the devices in 2001, which can be used, besides playing videos, for a good visibility of the pictures and an increased sharpness of the text; plus, the new iPod video provides full - size thumbnails for photos imported from various cameras. Another plus in accessories is the protection sleeve for the main device, which comes as a result after iPod nano, meaning the previous generation of these product, which was easy to scratch. The sleeve is made of a synthetic material, in a pale nuance of grey with extrinsic needlecraft and a velour - like inner surface. Further the technical and practical qualities, the reviews also discuss about the new aspect of the apparatus, which looks sharper and more elegant, in black and white colors.

The new model of iPod shows, without any doubt, that the popular company and brand Apple are trying to evolve in order to satisfy the consumer’s needs, which are becoming more and more pretentious. Based on this, it is expected the new type of iPods to be preferred even more with new video settings and accessories.

There's a lot to understand about . We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.


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Video iPod`s package

The best course of action to take sometimes isn't clear until you've listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

The trend that the Apple company set for their packages is redefined with every new appearance of a product. Actually, the permanent search in finding the right package and aesthetics and adapting the box to both the pains and the customers` needs is focused on discovering a more compact way of packaging and, at the same time, with an expressive, yet subtle artistic touch. Due to the characteristics of the product, the packaging of the video iPod tries to be both practical and aesthetic, in order to symbolize somehow the visual characteristics and grade of the new product.

The original package of the iPod was a 6 " cube box. The home plate was supposed to be removed out of the sleeve, after which, it was unfolded as a flower. The first iPod package reflected the image that the company was trying to promote: exuberant style, expressive elements, brisk and intense colors and sounds. Succeeding the appearance of the next types of iPods, this image of the product changed into a more mature one, an image which was expressed through the campaigns, the package and the general design of the product.

The main color of the iPod video is plain raven, which is rather risky, yet original, considering the fact that the main aspect that the contrivance has is the video, meaning colors, motion and diversion. Still, there are various silver accents on the box, which represent the World logo and text. Still, the color of the box fits with the colors of the actual iPods: black and white, just like the iPod nano. By choosing these colors and this style of packaging, Apple wanted to create a too many sophisticated and stylish look of the new product; together with this, the ads for the product changed to a more series and mature tone.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

The shape of the box differs, as well, from the primitive flower - like box of the first generation of iPods: this iPod`s video box is quite flat and square, more stylish and more serious looking. Actually, this box works as a sleeve, as fit, with one open end, similar to a DVD box set, but it also contains deeper inner box, which is very well fixed inside. The inner box opens in 2 distinctive parts: one part contains the iPod device and the other contains a monolith.

The package lacks a manual inspiration ( still, bona fide has a small Quick Start Guide ); instead, it has a CD which contains all the needed usage instructions of the iPod video. Besides these, the box contains a opportune and think copyright statement and a rival sleeve for the actual iPod. The CD which contains the procedure displays an appropriate PDF file that suits any computer, using the languages English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Another inside package contains an USB adapter cable and the ear buds; this type of iPod has even smaller ear buds, which need to be protected while opening the den.

The new product iPod video has, besides various improvements in the technical department ( among which, the video feature is the most relevant one ), another package, numerous image and way of presentation. The new package manages to go on cogent, yet it becomes safer. Besides these, the new package offers a more preferred and elitist image of the product, concentrating on refined touches and oatmeal colors.

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IPod video sales

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

The sales of the new iPod video are surprisingly good, taking into account the fact that no research has been made for the customer market and their needs or requirements.

A possible disadvantage for the sales may be the fact that the negative advertising has been made. This negative advertising concerns the vulnerability of the screens, the easy scratching surfaces and other several features. However, the sales are up due to the great success among the teenagers, among very busy people who travel a lot.

Some researches show that instead of the iPod video success and publicity the Amazon online store the most popular iPod is the nano model. However, the sales are ahead expectations and in the case of other stores are outselling the popular iPod nano. These high sales may be rightful to the high storage capacity, video features and reasonable prices. From this point of view, a sentence of users may be made, as the nano edition iPod attracts more MP3 users. Therefore, a new trend and a new profile of user appeared taking into account the high sales thanks to the new video iPod.

Another aspect of the great sales concerns the fact the new iPod video is not a competitor for the TV industry, but more a complementary device. Although the rating of some TV shows or films may lower, the iPod video may also contribute to the fame extend of some TV shows or films. The sales may be also triggered by the trendy urban lifestyle and capacity of influencing the preferences and needs of the others. The fact that the episodes of the TV series such is the case of “Lost” or “Desperate Housewives” may have contributed to the great success and great sales of the new edition of the iPod.

Other sales were going up as they developed from the new edition of the iPod and this is the case of the iTunes Music Store. In this type of home cooking you may buy episodes of the crack TV computation, music videos and pictures.

If you don't have accurate details regarding , then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don't let that happen: keep reading.

The parallel development of two complementary services – the handheld video device and the special store for it - is a strong achievement. Besides, the iPod is the best selling music online store and it will probably hold office the best music video online take out. The sales may also rise due to the new available TV series or TV shows of the famous TV Channels.

Taking hobby account the actuality that the iPod is the best seller in the United States, being the most acknowledged music player, it was easy to predict high sales for the new edition, even it is a video iPod. The prices were lower as the lower - cost players were introduced on the market in the last years, but the nano edition has increased the prices. With the new iPod video the price has been pushed beyond the average selling price.

That is why the sales of 100 iPods every minute may seem not surprising at all and sales of 14 millions in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2006 are considered not unparalleled at all for not unlike a company. The sales for the iPod video may also rise together with the spreading worldwide of the popularity of this edition of iPod.

However, the iPod video doubles the Apple’s sales. The sales were made skyrocket due to the great success of the new iPod video outselling in some cases differential types or editions of iPods. Nevertheless, the maximized sales are due to the new video features, longer aggregation life, more options and more memory space enough for a lot of music, orchestration videos, TV shows and episodes, and even lots of photos for the photo album. These features and improvements make the new iPod video so popular and fashionable. These aspects and others ( games, possibility of checking the e - mail, possibility of finding out the time in other cities and other useful features ) suit very hearty the contemporary lifestyle.

Now you can be a confident expert on . OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on .


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