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Video iPod`s package

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The trend that the Apple company set for their packages is redefined with every new appearance of a product. Actually, the permanent search in finding the right package and aesthetics and adapting the box to both the pains and the customers` needs is focused on discovering a more compact way of packaging and, at the same time, with an expressive, yet subtle artistic touch. Due to the characteristics of the product, the packaging of the video iPod tries to be both practical and aesthetic, in order to symbolize somehow the visual characteristics and grade of the new product.

The original package of the iPod was a 6 " cube box. The home plate was supposed to be removed out of the sleeve, after which, it was unfolded as a flower. The first iPod package reflected the image that the company was trying to promote: exuberant style, expressive elements, brisk and intense colors and sounds. Succeeding the appearance of the next types of iPods, this image of the product changed into a more mature one, an image which was expressed through the campaigns, the package and the general design of the product.

The main color of the iPod video is plain raven, which is rather risky, yet original, considering the fact that the main aspect that the contrivance has is the video, meaning colors, motion and diversion. Still, there are various silver accents on the box, which represent the World logo and text. Still, the color of the box fits with the colors of the actual iPods: black and white, just like the iPod nano. By choosing these colors and this style of packaging, Apple wanted to create a too many sophisticated and stylish look of the new product; together with this, the ads for the product changed to a more series and mature tone.

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The shape of the box differs, as well, from the primitive flower - like box of the first generation of iPods: this iPod`s video box is quite flat and square, more stylish and more serious looking. Actually, this box works as a sleeve, as fit, with one open end, similar to a DVD box set, but it also contains deeper inner box, which is very well fixed inside. The inner box opens in 2 distinctive parts: one part contains the iPod device and the other contains a monolith.

The package lacks a manual inspiration ( still, bona fide has a small Quick Start Guide ); instead, it has a CD which contains all the needed usage instructions of the iPod video. Besides these, the box contains a opportune and think copyright statement and a rival sleeve for the actual iPod. The CD which contains the procedure displays an appropriate PDF file that suits any computer, using the languages English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Another inside package contains an USB adapter cable and the ear buds; this type of iPod has even smaller ear buds, which need to be protected while opening the den.

The new product iPod video has, besides various improvements in the technical department ( among which, the video feature is the most relevant one ), another package, numerous image and way of presentation. The new package manages to go on cogent, yet it becomes safer. Besides these, the new package offers a more preferred and elitist image of the product, concentrating on refined touches and oatmeal colors.

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