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Capabilities of the new iPod video

The capabilities of the new iPod video, the process of capacity building age - software, hardware and compatibility with other devices.

As for the software, it is known that in general, the iPod and iPod video in the book, including MP3, Audible audio, WAV, M4A/AAC, Protected AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless play audio files. In the fifth generation iPod, there is another opportunity, M4V, and MP4 playback file formats MPEG-4. Only WMA files are protected against copying, are not copied to an iPod. Other formats are not possible to be played on the iPod and this is the case of FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

In addition, iPods fit specifically to the media from the iTunes library. The online music store appeared in 2003, which sells songs and it was only intended for users of iPods and other portable music players. This may be due to the success of both the iPod and the iTunes Music Store and the general development and improvement of the capabilities of the iPod helped.

The new iPod video software has new features - personalized recommendations and video content can be played on a computer or transferred to the iPod. The software has been updated to version 6, which represents a significant progress and results.

On the hardware of the iPod can say that the first generation iPod, which are charged via FireWire with a small power supply. The May 4th Generation iPod was charged via USB. The fifth Generation of the iPod can be with a dock connector allowing the FireWire cable that are connected to food production calculated.

IPod Compatibility with Windows is the idea of Apple, realized in 2002, contributed to creating a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. The iPod can do to make it compatible with Macintosh and also a project iPodLinux.

Additional features to mention, if you iPod on the iPod video in general and in particular his. The iPod can contain text files, which is very useful. There are also PDA calendars, some games that were several years ago, but interesting that now seem outdated. The games are on almost every iPod except the iPod shuffle are brick, parachute, solitaire, the questionnaire of the music. The game is the most interesting music competition, with some fragments of some songs and waiting for the user to identify the song in a list. The disadvantage of this game is that it uses much battery.

All of these options appear in the case of the new iPod video except the creation of other games or the introduction of new improved. This can be seen as a disadvantage, but when taking into account the fact that this is a case of a portable music player this aspect is not so important.

Innovation is, of course, the video function, although the main features of the stress on the new iPod significant improvements in image quality and sound. The video image is surprisingly soft, so you can replace skepticism with exclamations of joy.

Although not the first attempt to get video into a portable electronic device, this achievement seems to be most successful. This success has involved a large amount of work and complex changes in software and hardware. Either way, Apple seems the master in the creation of special devices, laptops, and maybe some other steps in the development of small portable video devices yet. In this way, maybe a special compatibility with more devices can be developed, ensuring other periods of great success. Other online stores appear and develop in the tradition of the iTunes Music Store. Because Apple iPods Company legal content of the downloaded and paid music or TV shows, episodes or other materials is ensured.

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