Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Excessive credit card debt

Most people advocate the case of credit cards, quoting the benefits and convenience that comes from them. However, there is another group or line of thought, decided against credit cards. The reason for this is "too much credit card debt, which is one of the most serious problems that credit card holders and credit card industry. You can not, however, the curtains on the credit card industry by a few irresponsible people (or more, even if there were a few smaller.) This is not a solution for beating excessive credit card debt. On the other hand, we can not ignore the benefits of credit cards.

The issue of credit card debt to be viewed from two angles. first deals with the problem of excessive credit card industry level and the second is the problem of indebtedness on the credit card, the level of credit card owner individual level address. The first method is to raise awareness of the debt problem of excessive credit card for the masses. It is more or less done now. However, it should also seek, this problem of credit card debt at a level too low address. This means trying, a mechanism developed to reduce the problem (excessive credit card debt) to the bud. This mechanism should be part of the global system. Many thoughts are going into the development of this mechanism. The case studies should be concerned, statistics are collected and provide a suitable forum (with representatives of the holders of credit cards and credit card provider). From now on, be, a provider of credit cards seem written just involved in coming out with new products and customers to these products. There is little attention to the problem of excessive credit card debt in the true sense of resolve. Something like attending mandatory seminars on the causes of credit card debt can be part of the application for credit card. Another possibility could be the problem of excessive debt credit Address: Development of a system for calculating the credit card limit at the individual level, ie there is no rule limits / credit to the product. It might then mechanisms for proactively alerting users to the debt excessive credit card (depending on their use of credit cards) or the imposition of restrictions at the beginning of the first note to be evidence that on credit card debt lead to the individual level to treat the problem of Credit card debt include the following best practices (on credit cards and the excessive use of debt financing credit card) for the same person. A checklist or set of questions could be seen for those early signs of excessive credit card debt are made available.

Therefore, the problem can be addressed of excessive credit card safely by collecting in-depth reflection on a broader level of discipline at the individual level.

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