Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Eliminate poultry

If you are not a vegetarian for years and want to make the change, it is best to gradually, in stages. A good start is to red meat, fish or poultry to eliminate red meat substitute, was eaten. Although they are not eating more vegetarian, at least the latest in the clear improvement of the disease foods, red meat.

Having succeeded in the elimination of red meat, then begin reducing the amount of poultry you eat. Although not as bad for you than red meat because it does not have as much fat, meat remains on a farm in the terrible conditions of overcrowding and inhumane were collected. Poultry is so full of growth hormones and antibiotics, there is nothing like a chicken or turkey for food centuries ago can be hunted. Chickens are kept in terrible conditions, filled and then killed. In the grand scheme of things is just as harmful to our physical and mental health, that consumption of red meat. It is also very easy to remove poultry from our food, because let's face it - it's like eating pulp, so uncomfortable. All antibiotics and abnormal conditions of life have all the natural flavors of poultry, which was first tried.

Add more fish and seafood, if you're not ready, the chicken with beans or vegetables are to be replaced at this time. Although there is a danger of eating fish and shellfish because of high levels of mercury they contain, is a better alternative to poultry and red meat. That may be why you ever go on the road to vegetarianism, or at least to eliminate meat from your diet. Take time to get used to. Do not miss the chicken for one minute. Usually eat chicken breast and chicken, because it is less fat and calories, but it is also lower in the full nutritional value. If we do not get protein and vitamins, but we are starving our bodies, regardless of health, we believe we are. The culling of poultry is one of the positive things you can do to a healthy diet and a healthy planet.

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