Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Measuring Costs

Measuring profits or net income is more important than the accountants do. The second important task is measuring costs. The cost is very important for a company to lead and effectively manage a significant difference in the base of a company to make.

to know every company sells the products of first necessity, their production costs and in what is produced and / or sold, it can be complicated. Each step of the production process must be followed closely from beginning to end. Most of the production costs directly to specific products, the indirect costs are called to be coordinated. made to calculate the total cost of each product are developing methods for allocating overhead costs accountant on certain products. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines covering the measurement of product costs.

Counter to many other costs in addition to determining the product cost, such as costs of departments and other organizational units of the company, the cost of pensions for employees of the company, the cost of marketing and advertising costs of corporate restructuring or cost recovery for key raw materials, by the company that is no longer necessary is sold.

Cost accounting serves two purposes: measurement of results and dissemination of relevant information for managers. What makes it confusing is that there is no established method for measuring and reporting costs, although accuracy is paramount. Cost accounting can fall anywhere on a continuum between conservative or expansive. The actual cost of the punishment depends entirely on the specific methods to measure the costs. These can often be subjective and nebulous as some systems to evaluate sport. Again, the accuracy is very important. The total cost of the goods or products sold is deducted the first and greatest usually costs from revenues in the measurement of profit.

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