Selasa, 12 April 2011

Quasar software

Accounting use become more complex as a company, the accounting functions. Fortunately, there are several software programs that can help an excellent management of this important function. Quasar is one of the packages.

All versions of Quasar offer complete control of the inventory. The easiest to use, the inventory module enables a business owner about the locations and quantities of all inventory items track. Also maintains an inventory record of simple ways. Manufacturers and wholesalers can be assembled using the component tag kits, each time a team put together, is the inventory of its components will be adjusted accordingly. Items can be divided into different categories and groups can be divided nested levels deep. Supplier orders for items whose amounts are generated below a preset value. Cost and selling prices of items can be defined and discounts on a variety of ways. Finally, these elements reported to show things as profits, margins and sales per item.

Purchases and sales are another force of quasar. Customers can easily be converted into quotes bills. Promotions can be created and delivered can not be given on the basis of the time, customers or store. The margins may be features such as individual items, individual clients or individual seller. Likewise, an order is created and becomes a supplier's invoice, which can be paid in a number of ways, including printing a check. Quasar can follow the various fees, such as container depots, freight and franchise fees.

The intelligent design of the user interface allows the quasar data entry quick and easy. Some programs can not be optimized to use the keyboard. These programs require that you move your hand on the mouse to select items frequently. Although some menu items only access Quasar Quasar mouse interface is designed to allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard using special keys combinations. This allows for quick data entry, saving time can (and money) in the long run.

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