Senin, 17 Januari 2011


If it is to clean and detoxify the body of toxins comes, often it is a fringe element of vegetarians included. The people do not really want to accumulate the toxins in the gut or arteries, but it is often the product is a carnivorous diet. A diet high in fat and processed foods tend to reduce our digestion, and interrupted our process of removing it.

This can accumulate to harmful bacteria and toxins and to create a general feeling of heaviness and a number of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or colitis. When we started a healthier diet vegetarians, we got more fiber in our systems, and suddenly, our digestive system starts to work better

Eliminating high-fat meat and processed foods they eat, like most of the energy your body from the intense work of digestion of these foods get rid of. Everything is clearer - your blood, your organs, to your mind. aware of your starting point to be more of the toxic nature of the food I had before dinner.

The toxicity is much more interesting in the twentieth century than ever before. There are many new and stronger chemicals, water and air pollution, radiation and nuclear energy. We swallow new chemicals consume more drugs of all kinds, eat more sugar and refined foods and daily abuse ourselves with various sedatives and stimulants. The incidence of many toxicity is also increased. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are two of the most important. Arthritis, allergies, obesity and skin problems are many. In addition, a wide range of symptoms such as headache, fatigue, muscle pain, cough, gastrointestinal problems, and impaired immune all be linked to toxicity. When you begin a vegetarian diet, the body is finally clean against the adverse effects of these poisons.

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