Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Lazy Vegetarians who choose the wrong carbohydrates health risks

We've all been there. I'm preparing just returned from a long day at work and the last thing on our minds take the time to healthy food, nutritious vegetarian. But the choice of a carbohydrate-enriched or refined carbohydrates, which provides a solid profit, to live balanced vegetarian diet defeats the purpose of his choice of a vegetarian lifestyle, and that for optimum health. The consumption of refined carbohydrates presents different risks to your health.

Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar, excess insulin in the blood. In the presence of an excess of insulin, glucose, blood sugar, triglycerides in converted and stored in the fat cells.

According to a study to increase the consumption of refined grains may also be the risk of gastric cancer. Research has shown that a high intake of refined grains may increase the risk of gastric cancer patients increased.

In addition, refined sugars and carbohydrates marketed as a factor for gallbladder disease in which increased, according to a recent study. He showed a direct relationship between the amount of sugar consumed and the incidence of a disease of the gall bladder. Another study examined the role of carbohydrates in the incidence of heart disease. The researchers found that the consumption of carbohydrates has increased, as the level of triglycerides in the blood of the participants. Diets low in fat and rich in carbohydrates can not only dramatically increased triglyceride levels, but significant reduction in levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. "

And finally, white sugar increase, the rate at which the body excretes calcium, which is linked directly to bone health. In short, with an increasing supply of refined carbohydrates and sugars, decreased bone density.
So do not be lazy! They prepare well to your body and take time for a vegetarian meal in nutrients and delicious. Your body and your conscience, I thank you for the long term.

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