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Costs Types

Direct costs are those costs that cann directly to a product line or product, or a source of revenue, or business unit or be attributed to business. An example of direct cost is the cost of the tires on a new car.

Indirect costs are very different and can not connect to a specific quantity of the product or activity. The cost of labor or supply of a vehicle manufacturer is certainly a cost, but not to connect any vehicle. Each company must develop a method of allocating indirect costs to different products, sources of revenue, business units, etc. Most allocation methods of perfection, and usually end up being arbitrary to one degree or another. Managers and accounts should always use an eye on the allocation method for indirect costs and bear the cost figures by these methods with a grain of salt.

Fixed costs are costs that remain the same in a relatively wide range of sales or production. They are like a millstone around the neck of the company and the company has its product at a profit sufficient to at least break-even sale.

Variable costs may increase or decrease in proportion to changes in sales or production. Variable costs vary proportionately with changes in production /

Relevant costs are essentially future costs that could be made, depending on what takes the strategic direction of a company. If a car manufacturer decides to increase production, but increases the cost of the tire, the costs must be considered.

Irrelevant costs are those that must be taken into account when deciding on future action. These are costs you can to make the wrong decision. The corresponding cost of future costs, the costs are relevant costs incurred in the past. The money went.


Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Measuring Costs

Measuring profits or net income is more important than the accountants do. The second important task is measuring costs. The cost is very important for a company to lead and effectively manage a significant difference in the base of a company to make.

to know every company sells the products of first necessity, their production costs and in what is produced and / or sold, it can be complicated. Each step of the production process must be followed closely from beginning to end. Most of the production costs directly to specific products, the indirect costs are called to be coordinated. made to calculate the total cost of each product are developing methods for allocating overhead costs accountant on certain products. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines covering the measurement of product costs.

Counter to many other costs in addition to determining the product cost, such as costs of departments and other organizational units of the company, the cost of pensions for employees of the company, the cost of marketing and advertising costs of corporate restructuring or cost recovery for key raw materials, by the company that is no longer necessary is sold.

Cost accounting serves two purposes: measurement of results and dissemination of relevant information for managers. What makes it confusing is that there is no established method for measuring and reporting costs, although accuracy is paramount. Cost accounting can fall anywhere on a continuum between conservative or expansive. The actual cost of the punishment depends entirely on the specific methods to measure the costs. These can often be subjective and nebulous as some systems to evaluate sport. Again, the accuracy is very important. The total cost of the goods or products sold is deducted the first and greatest usually costs from revenues in the measurement of profit.


Kamis, 21 April 2011

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Selasa, 19 April 2011

earnings per share

Public companies must report earnings per share (EPS) under the net income in their tax returns. This is required by Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). The EPS gives investors a means of determining the amount the company recorded its share of investments. In other words, tells how investors net business income of EPS for each share they own. Is calculated by dividing net income by shareholders' equity. It is important that the shareholders of the company's net income must be reported on a per share, then you may want to compare with the price of the stock market.

Private companies are not required to report EPS, because shareholders are more focused on the entire net profit of the company.

listed companies actually report two EPS figures, unless what is known as a simple capital structure. The most listed companies, however, have a complex capital structure and to report two EPS figures. One is called Basic earnings per share, and the other is called the diluted earnings per share. Basic EPS is based on the number of shares of securities outstanding. Diluted earnings are actions that are based on, and the shares in the future in the form of stock options.

Of course, this is a complicated process. An accountant has to adjust the EPS formula a number of events or corporate changes. A company may issue additional shares during the year and the redemption of some of their own actions. a pool for each class of shares - or it may issue several classes of shares, net income in groups of two or more are shared. Merger, acquisition or sale, as the impact of the EPS formula.


Sabtu, 16 April 2011

About GAAP

While many businesses assume that accountants of the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices are required and that they are untouchable, nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is a matter of interpretation, and GAAP is no different. First, it allows the GAAP other methods for certain expenses and yields in some specialized types of businesses. In addition, standard methods require that decisions on the timing of revenue and expenditure for the registration, or require to quantify the main factors. The decision on the timing of revenue and expenditure and share require specific values ​​to these factors, estimates and interpretations.

The mission of GAAP, in recent years, the accounting standardize to ensure consistency across all business areas. However, other methods have some basic business expenses are allowed. There is no test to determine whether a method is preferable to another. A company is free to choose the desired method. But you must choose wisely the cost method of selling, depreciation and amortization for help.

For other charges and income from the sale, the method adopted by the accounting, any alternative method. However, a company has a good amount of latitude in actually implementing the methods. A company has conservative accounting and other companies used the methods of a liberal. The end result is a greater diversity among firms in their measure of earnings and financial statements to be expected, since GAAP have developed since 1930.

GAAP Statement of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has 1000 pages now. And they do not even understand the rules and regulations issued by the federal government legal jurisdiction over financial reporting and accounting of public companies in the property - the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Selasa, 12 April 2011

Quasar software

Accounting use become more complex as a company, the accounting functions. Fortunately, there are several software programs that can help an excellent management of this important function. Quasar is one of the packages.

All versions of Quasar offer complete control of the inventory. The easiest to use, the inventory module enables a business owner about the locations and quantities of all inventory items track. Also maintains an inventory record of simple ways. Manufacturers and wholesalers can be assembled using the component tag kits, each time a team put together, is the inventory of its components will be adjusted accordingly. Items can be divided into different categories and groups can be divided nested levels deep. Supplier orders for items whose amounts are generated below a preset value. Cost and selling prices of items can be defined and discounts on a variety of ways. Finally, these elements reported to show things as profits, margins and sales per item.

Purchases and sales are another force of quasar. Customers can easily be converted into quotes bills. Promotions can be created and delivered can not be given on the basis of the time, customers or store. The margins may be features such as individual items, individual clients or individual seller. Likewise, an order is created and becomes a supplier's invoice, which can be paid in a number of ways, including printing a check. Quasar can follow the various fees, such as container depots, freight and franchise fees.

The intelligent design of the user interface allows the quasar data entry quick and easy. Some programs can not be optimized to use the keyboard. These programs require that you move your hand on the mouse to select items frequently. Although some menu items only access Quasar Quasar mouse interface is designed to allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard using special keys combinations. This allows for quick data entry, saving time can (and money) in the long run.


Sabtu, 09 April 2011

What is a corporation?

Most businesses start as a small company is one of a person or an association. The most common type of business, if there are multiple owners is a limited company. The law considers a society like a real person, live. As an adult, a corporation, a separate and independent person who has rights and obligations is considered. "Birth certificate" a company is the legal form which is filed with the Secretary of the State where the company is incorporated, or incorporated. You must have a legal name, as a person.

A corporation is separate from its owners. Responsible for their own debts. The bank can not come to shareholders if a company goes bankrupt.

A company that issues ownership for people who invest money in companies. These shares were the property of share certificates documenting what in the name of the owner and the number of shares held. The Company shall keep a register, or a list of how many people will be divided. The owners of a company are called shareholders, issued the shares of the Company's shares. Part of the measure is a unit of property that is in the action depends on the total number of shares as business questions. the largest number of shares of a series of business questions, the percentage of total assets "represents each share.

Shares come in different share classes. Holders of preferred shares are promised a certain amount of cash dividends each year. Common shareholders have the greatest risk. If a company ends in financial difficulty is required to pay its debts first. If all the money left over, then the money goes first to the holders of preferred shares. If there is something later, then that money distributed to shareholders.


Kamis, 07 April 2011

What happened at Enron?

Everyone knows at least creates a bit about the history of Enron and the devastation it in the lives of employees. It is a story that belongs in any discussion of ethical accounting processes and what happens when standards and ethics in the personal greed thrown.

Enron began in 1985, the sale of gas to gas companies and businesses. In 1996, energy markets have changed so that energy prices were now set by competition among energy companies instead of state regulation. With this change, Enron began to more than one provider using a conventional energy function, negotiating energy contracts instead of buying and selling natural gas. Enron's rapid growth sparked enthusiasm among investors and drove the share price. As Enron grew, it expanded into other areas such as Internet services and its financial contracts became more complicated.

To continue to grow at this rate, Enron began to borrow money to invest in new projects. However, because this debt would their earnings look less impressive, Enron began to create partnerships to keep debt from the books. A partnership of Enron, Chewco Investments (name of the Star Wars Chewbacca) allowed Enron created 600 million U.S. dollars debt on the books that showed the government and people to hold their Enron shares. If the debt does not seem to feature in the reports of Enron, Enron made a lot more successful than it actually was. In December 2000, Enron claimed its profit tripled in two years.

In August 2001, sent Vice President Sherron Watkins of Enron, an anonymous letter to the CEO of Enron, Kenneth Lay, describing accounting methods that she felt could Enron "implode in a wave of accounting scandals." Also in August, CEO Kenneth E-mail to employees saying he expected Enron stock prices upward sent Lay. Meanwhile, he sold his own Enron stock.

On 22 October, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that Enron was investigated. On 8 November said, Enron had overstated results of the last four years by $ 586,000,000 and that he owed about $ 6,000,000,000 of debt next year.

With these announcements, Enron's shares plunged. This decrease causes certain agreements with investors that it is necessary for Enron, the money made to pay back immediately. When Enron could not come, up with the money to pay his creditors, said in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Minggu, 03 April 2011

Building Cash Reserves

Building a financial cushion for your business is never easy. Experts say that companies must be between six and nine months to have benefit for protection in the bank. They are a company extrapolation $ 250,000 a month, the thought of saving over $ 1.5 million in a savings account or you collapse in laughter or paralyzing panic that has just made what can and advises a good idea, can in theory out the window when you are doing payroll thrown month. How does a small business even begin a prudent savings program for long-term success?

Knowing that your company needs a savings plan is the first step to better management. The reasons for the growth of a financial nest egg is solid. Economies in the design, it allows you to plan the future growth of your business and facilitate investment available necessary to implement these plans. Do you run a backup source of income is often a company through a difficult time.
Begin if market fluctuations such as the dramatic rise in gasoline prices and oil prices affect your business, you may have to dip into their savings to operations running smoothly until the difficulties pass. Savings can also support seasonal businesses with the ability to purchase inventory and cover payroll until the flush comes with money back. Try to remember that your business is not built overnight and can not build a savings account at any time.

Review your books monthly and see where you can reduce costs and redirect their savings to a separate account. This also helps you on the line with cash flow and other financial issues remain. Although it is very disturbing to see, your money is seemingly no end in sight to the outside, it is best to see that happen and put in place remedial measures, rather than discovering your losses five or six months late.


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