Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Cow slaughter

Even if you do not eat meat, you might think drinking or using milk is part of a vegetarian diet. We seem to all images of farmers pumping milk in hand, and that part of life and benign use of the cow. But I really do not think much at all true, right?

You know a cow for milk production, live your life brings? Like most animals for consumption, a lounge of dairy cows in crowded and often uses dirty. It feeds on the hormones to stimulate their reproduction, because what is milk - to feed your baby. Once the calf is born, but is taken from his mother. A male calf often go to a terrible fate, to be raised meat, a calf was often the same fate as her mother.

Often, the cows are crying for their children. If they see and scream for them. The mass production of milk for human consumption is the natural order of things changed.

Cows are fed hormones to stimulate more milk production. Electric pumps are painful to the cow's udder. With hormonal stimulation, the cows are forced to 10 times more milk than they would normally produce.

If your days producing milk, the cows then slaughtered for meat. It also has enormous natural resources to feed and water all these cows. The water table is low for this huge industry. And waste generated by all these great animals to have an adverse effect on the environment.

It really is not necessary to consume milk after a certain age. Why should we continue in this industry that is built on the suffering of animals supported? To really make matters worse, people are not drinking cow's milk. Pata designed to drink milk from cows and humans to drink milk. Our bodies are not designed to digest cow's milk proteins - what for? Especially if you get more calcium from green leafy vegetables?

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