Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Got Milk? Reasons, not the glass

Many Americans, including some vegetarians, still consume large amounts of dairy products, but here are some good reasons for dairy products from your diet to eliminate.

The milk was show as a Äòweapon, AO was celebrated in the war against osteoporosis, but recent studies indicate that clinical reality is associated with an increased risk of fractures, and there was no effect on the protector of the dairy calcium on bone. Increased consumption of green vegetables and beans, and the practice has shown that in order to strengthen the bones and increases its density.

Dairy products are also an important source of fat and cholesterol in the diet that may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. A vegetarian diet low in fat, that dairy products, and a reasonable amount of exercise, good stress management and smoking does not only helps prevent heart disease, but could also reverse the trend.

Ovarian, breast and prostate cancer are associated with the consumption of dairy products in combination. According to a recent study by Daniel Cramer, a doctor from Harvard, where large quantities of dairy products and the body are enzymes AO not keep up with lactose to remove, because they accumulate in the blood and touching a woman's ovaries AA. Another recent study showed that men (insulin-like growth factor) with a higher IGF-I in milk from cows, AM, were four times the risk of prostate cancer compared with men who had the lowest IGF-I.

In addition, the milk is not a reliable and constant source of vitamin D provide in the diet. Milk samples were placed on a level of vitamin D phase, and some have found up to 500 times the level provided the security. An excess of vitamin D in the blood can be toxic and can be calcium deposits in the body, causing soft tissue AA.

Milk protein, milk sugar, fat and saturated fat in dairy products may pose health risks to children and the development of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and plaque formation in the circulatory system, which can lead to heart disease.
eat by choosing to do something dense, healthy eating cereal, fruit, vegetables, legumes and fortified foods such as cereals and fruit juices, can help your body, AM calcium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin D easy and simple, has no danger to the health of the consumption of milk products included.

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