Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Humans did not always eat meat

Have you ever thought about how we have strayed from the path of our prehistoric ancestors and dietary patterns? Notice how the early humans developed, and what they ate. They were hunters and gatherers and not change with the characteristics of carnivores. Man is not made to tear animals and eat their flesh. If you look at the meat-eating animals such as lynx see, you can see their teeth are designed to rip and tear, not chew.

Humans evolved from vegetarian creatures. Even our digestive system is not suited for eating meat. Eating meat is a relatively new phenomenon in human history, probably born of chance and necessity. Perhaps early man found carnivores eat meat, and if we could not find any natural foods that are used for food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, then you have probably guessed that eating meat would at least sustain life.

But the principle that the creatures that have evolved from, herbivores like apes emulated. Even on a prehistoric ape eyes have been similar to humans, including the erect posture, to monitor the arms and hands. Of course it would have been fed to food, eating roots and berries, fruits and nuts. We saw monkeys peel bananas, nuts or grind the stones to get to the meat of the nut.

We had a moment to constantly in search of food. Hunting, after all, requires thought and planning. Eating meat requires preparation and fire in particular. Until man discovered fire, was primarily vegetarian, living in what was the natural order of things. Vegetarian food is a natural way to eat, in addition to being healthy. Is this a form that is in balance with the planet, and not try to dominate and conquer.

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