Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Why do people begin to eat meat?

He had abnormal feeling at first, eating the flesh of animals. Finally, we are not so far from our own animals. Maybe even felt cannibalistic. I could not have been as much intellectual distinction between humans and other animals. If humans were pure vegetarians, living in harmony with the earth and other creatures that live alongside them on the planet. His closest animal relatives, apes, were vegetarians. Eat local produce, such as plants would, grains and vegetables, meet and eat the natural order of things have happened.

But necessity is the mother of invention. prehistoric people who lived in frozen regions, or live in an area that was devastated by a fire, ate anything to survive. As a footballer, whose plane crashed in the mountains of Chile and were forced to eat the flesh of other players who died in the accident, the first man can at all, the decision to make to survive and to eat meat and change the first time in the history of humanity - and health - forever.

One can imagine that early man of flesh had been burned, or boiled, enclosed by a natural forest fire ate. Might have subsequently eaten raw meat, if necessary, but we can imagine that our digestive system rebelled against eating raw meat.

Imagine the consumption of raw foods and vegetables for eons, and suddenly, including meat products into the system. You can tell friends who are vegetarians try stories of course, meat, and were always violently ill after eating.

Biologists say that you're really not designed to eat meat, but we adapted. But in the chronology of human history, meat consumption is a relatively recent development trends.

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