Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Pig farming

Many people refuse to eat pork and other pork for religious reasons or health reasons. When people eat a vegetarian diet to start, red meat is usually the first thing removed from their diet. If they do, began to increase several indicators for the overall health of their cholesterol level and blood pressure. Health is one of the compelling reasons to eat vegetarian, but the inhumane treatment of animals for human consumption, mass production is another reason why many people reject a meat diet.

Pig is the same procedure as chickens and other farm animals used. Pigs are raised in small cages with limited movement. They are so fast they can be killed overfed. Their living conditions can be dirty and fed with growth hormones and antibiotics to promote weight gain to diseases that are the result of their living conditions to be avoided.

Are forced under artificial conditions and signs of chronic stress than other animals, they live for human consumption. Chew on to the bars of their cages or problems with your water bottle too much. limited range of motion prevents the search behavior is natural for a pig.

Pigs pay high prices for food. And we pay a high price for the consumption of pork and other red meats. We are generally not designed to eat meat. Our teeth are not designed to rip and tear meat. We evolved from herbivores and remains the best way for us to eat. The elimination of red meat and other meat and animal products from our food, we are in good health - more lean and fit, less tired and slow. And there is the psychological advantage of knowing that we do not contribute to the suffering of innocent animals.

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