Selasa, 02 November 2010

The intestines and stomach, digestive

Many health benefits of a vegetarian diet have to do with the creation of a healthy environment in the intestines and stomach. Our digestive system, from prehistoric times were designed to metabolize vegetable matter, rather than products of animal origin. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts provide the type of dietary fiber our digestive system must function properly. that the Western diet, high in the AM and processed refined flour and sugar, and animal products are loaded with hormones and antibiotics, are actually contrary to our interiors.

If the function doesn AOT digestive system and the work which brings the object MO, the opportunistic diseases or changes in the DNA of cells of the stomach and colon. And there are practical considerations. If we do that, AOT enough of the fiber we need, subject to a number of problems with digestion and elimination, such as constipation and hemorrhoids are the result of an effort to obtain. These diseases and syndromes are much less clear in the vegetarian population in a population of meat consumption.

Other diseases of the bowel, which comprise less frequently in the vegetarian population of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic ulcerative colitis, especially in the high fiber content in a vegetarian diet. And, of course, a diet rich in fiber Clock derived from a vegetarian diet reduce the likelihood or the risk of colon cancer.

In the light of the risks that come with a diet including meat, meat products and animals, and enjoy a vegetarian diet, not the prospect of a steak or burger or bacon really sound good to you? AOT that doesn less sense to reverse the portion size and proportions of meat and vegetable dishes? In other words, if you continue to eat meat, then make their meat dish, or merely incidental to food as a sauce. may be to increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in your diet is good for you.

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