Minggu, 21 November 2010

Animal suffering

What are the reasons why you eat? That may seem a silly question because we nourish our bodies to eat first. Many of us also get emotional satisfaction when we eat, and most of us are omnivores, they eat everything, including meat and poultry means.

There are many reasons to go to a vegetarian diet, many of them related to health. But many people refuse meat for the inhumane treatment of animals, mass produced, food to feed the population. to meet large-scale farming to American consumer is grotesque cruelty. If you eat meat you eat the flesh of an animal whose life has been artificially reduced by over-feeding him to a slaughterhouse before arrival. They are in small pens and cages where they suffer held chronic stress. If they live their young, their babies taken from them, sometimes a day after birth. They are fed growth hormones and antibiotics and economical characterization of natural behaviors and actions that a normal life. Pigs must not root. The calves are kept immobile. Chickens are raised in cages, their beaks seared with a hot knife sharp, aggressive behavior deal with the outcome of childbirth.

Do you really think the fish out of his mind and the energy is separated? The agony and the stress they encounter in their lives shortened permeates every cell of your body. Please note that depression and stress can make people sick can infect our muscles and organs. There is a whole different animal? No meat or milk to survive. We no longer have the hunting party, we are more than the consumer society.

Is not it time we all started to think differently, what we eat nourish our bodies? We evolved from herbivores, and yet we went on our own evolutionary path. We can make a case for hunting and meat consumption as the only means for survival. But that is no longer the case and the possibilities are endless. Do they have to contain meat from animals suffering? How can he as a food?

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