Senin, 22 November 2010


There are some problems that a convincing argument for a vegetarian diet than beef and how it's done. Although the industry is beef industry is inherently cruel and inhumane for the worst.

Young calves are separated from their mothers, often in a day. You are in enclosures that prevent the movement to keep their muscles kept soft. The production of beef, pale and soft, is so appreciated by gourmets, calves a liquid, which creates a lack of iron and fiber, the anemia in animals are fed.

Staying in which they live their short life creates a high level of chronic stress in animals and are then given the much higher levels of medication may be harmful to humans. The isolation makes them weak, are often not able to. We treat criminals who committed the most horrific crimes imaginable, humane treatment of calves that are innocent.

Why would someone in the flesh, that a tea table consume prompted with the suffering of animals? What a dining experience can be worth anything when we know what the animal, especially a calf that has to happen?

At the age of 20 weeks, the calf is slaughtered. The meat we eat is mass produced and slaughtered. His life is inhuman, and his death is inhumane, but also less healthy for us to eat. Beef is an excellent example of this industry. The transition to a vegetarian diet is not only a much more healthy diet is the way to live in harmony with the earth. It may have been a matter for centuries to hunt for meat, because it was a means of survival. Mass production of the meat industry today is nothing like that, and is a cause of disease and poor health for the survival or nutrition.

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