Senin, 15 November 2010

Tips for a tasty vegetarian Thanksgiving

If you want to remain the host of the house and wait to take care of vegetarian guests this year, not separated on the preparation of meat mass consumption of vegetarian foods and other foods. Most do not require a vegetarian Thanksgiving meat equivalent "a". Yes, Thanksgiving is traditionally a lot of food. But most importantly, the family, marriage, happiness and peace. And when the first Thanksgiving after the transition to a vegetarian diet, try some to integrate these ideas to the production of healthy food for its customers vegetarian food, and as host, will be thankful for this Thanksgiving Action:

- Bake some stuffing outside of Turkey.
- Take a small portion of vegetarian gravy.
- Keep to separate utensils to prevent "cross contamination" between meat foods and vegetarian dishes.
- If the recipes are adaptable (without whey formulations are suitable for vegans) for use as a substitute vegetarian broth, soy margarine, soy milk, and kosher marshmallows, which are made without gelatin.
- Use vegetable oils instead of animal fats and vegetable fat frying in Crisco pie crust.
- You can be reading the ingredients list on packaged foods, being aware of terms such as gelatin, whey, and "natural flavoring", the animal origin.
- Prepare a variety of dishes of vegetables and fruit, but not quite normal.
- Provide enough bread, drinks, fruit and gelatin desserts, which are suitable without modification for most vegetarians.
- Invite your guests to prepare a vegetarian "Tofurky" turkey or vegetarian equivalent of "'dish to share with you the rest of your guests, or you can prepare for hosting Thanksgiving, a bit of your guests to eat meat curious enough to try. Try it!
- Please complete your vegetarian guest assistance, advice or recipes that your vegetarian options. It may be that your hosts to help in the kitchen or bring a plate of offers from home. Please do not take the marble as an insult to your kitchen, consider sharing the hope that the tradition of Thanksgiving. Even houses in meat consumption may benefit from a healthy idea, nutrients vegetarian recipe at any time of year!
- Very important - make tons of fresh vegetables and delicious (not overcooked), the perfect in season such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes and green beans, etc.

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