Jumat, 19 November 2010

Variety in your new vegetarian diet

You weigh your options carefully Äôve study the pros and cons and decided that the vegetarian lifestyle is right for you. But where do you start to change? Would you like turkey Äòcold?, Would you accept AO a gradual approach to transition to vegetarianism? But you want to change, you can begin to consume the health benefits of vegetarianism by significantly reducing the amount of meat and realize consumption of vegetables, fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the middle of their meals.

Choose whole grains such as bread flour, whole wheat bread instead of refined grains or white. Eating a variety of foods and gifts, AOT fear, vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread, nuts or seeds taste Äôve never tried. To explore and experiment! You can add a new favorite or two and learn cool new ways to spice discover traditional vegetarian dishes. Many vegetarian dishes can be found in any grocery store. can carry some of the less common delicatessens, and many vegetarian dishes. When buying food, plan ahead, shop with a list and read food labels. And if you consume dairy products, choose varieties with no fat or low in fat and limit consumption of eggs to 3-4 yolks per week choose.

Becoming a vegetarian can be as simple as you wish. Whether you prepare delicious food, delicious meals or choose quick and easy vegetarian can be worthwhile. If you make a habit of following in the hand, the preparation of a dietary supplement will become:

- Ready to eat whole grains for breakfast, and quick to cook whole grains such as oats, whole wheat bread, like rye, wheat, and mixtures of cereals and other grains like barley and bulgur wheat
- Canned beans such as pinto, black beans, and garbanzo beans
-Rice (including brown, wild, etc.) and paste (now also in wheat, spinach and other flavors) with tomato sauce and canned beans and / or vegetables
Vegetarian minestrone, or white beans such as lentils
- A variety of simple and frozen vegetables and frozen fruit
- fortified soy milk and soy cheese, if you choose not to eat dairy products
-A wide variety of fruit and vegetables, which should be in the heart of any system

As you learn to experiment with food and learn a meatless diet doesn, AOT to the lack of diversity that was found the decision for vegetarianism Äôll not only wise, but the time is easy and fun to eat.

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